AIM Rule 26

The following information is disclosed in accordance with Rule 26 of the AIM Rules for Companies:

Details of any restrictions on the transfer of securities

There are no restrictions on the transfer of securities.

Last updated:
04 August 2016


Institutional and Director Holdings

Rank Shareholder % Total Shareholding
1 Lord Ashcroft 44.08%
2 Livingbridge VC LLP 20.06%
3 Sasqua Fields Management LLC 8.10%
4 Schroder Investment Management Limited 5.52%
5 Artemis Investment Management 5.40%

The Directors hold interests in 2.52% of the Company's shares.

The percentage of holdings not in public hands as of 04 April 2017 is 66.66%

Last updated: 04 April 2017


Directors' names, biographies and responsibilities: 

View a list of directors' names, biographies and responsibilities

Last updated:
12 December 2016


Number of securities in issue

The issued share capital of the Company is 340,840,953 ordinary shares of £0.01 each.

Last updated:
04 January 2017


Details of any other exchanges or trading

The Company's ordinary shares are listed on AIM (EPIC code: DODS.L) and not on any other exchanges or trading platforms.

Proposed Admission to the Alternative Investment Market (7428KB PDF)

Last updated:
23 May 2016


Constitutional documents

Please click on the link below for the Articles of Association.

Articles of Association (612KB PDF)

Last updated:
23 May 2016


Country of incorporation and main country of operation

Country of Incorporation: England
Main Country of Operation: UK

Last updated:
23 May 2016


Description of the business

Dods is an unrivaled intelligence, media, training and events company, providing essential information and connections to clients in more than 50 countries across 6 continents.

Everyday, clients rely on Dods to provide the relevant information, topical knowledge, actionable insights and critical connections vital for informed decision-making in rapidly developing commercial, public policy and political environments across the United Kingdom and European Union.

Last updated:
25 May 2017

Directors' responsibilities

Please click on the link below for a description (by title) of Directors' responsibilities.

Directors' responsibilities (29KB PDF)

Last updated:
25 May 2017


Board committees

Please click on the link below for information on the Audit and Remuneration Committees together with the membership of those committees.

Terms of Reference for the Audit Committee (63KB PDF)
Terms of Reference for the Remuneration Committee (36KB PDF)

Last updated:
23 May 2016


Financial information

Please click on the link below for access to the Company's annual and interim reports.


Last updated:
25 May 2017


Company announcements

Please click on the link below to access notifications made by the Company in the past 12 months.

Regulatory News

Last updated:
25 May 2017


Results, Reports & Presentations

View the Company's latest results, reports and presentations

Last updated:
25 May 2017


Admission document and circulars

Admission Document (271KB PDF)

Notice of EGM (659KB PDF)

Last updated:
23 May 2016


Takeover Regulations

Dods Group Plc is subject to the UK City Code on Takeover and Mergers.

Last updated:
16 May 2016


Corporate Governance

As of 11 August 2014, it was a requirement of Rule 26 of the AIM Rules for Companies that the Company’s website contains details of the corporate governance code that Dods has decided to apply and how the Company complies with that code.

As a company listed on AIM, Dods is not required to comply with the UK Corporate Governance Code. The corporate governance code that the Directors have decided to apply instead, so far as it is reasonable and practical to do so given the size of the Group, is the Corporate Governance Code for Small and Mid-Size Quoted Companies (2013) produced by the Quoted Companies Alliance (the “QCA Code”). The Board notes that the QCA Code refers to certain minimum disclosures which must be seen to be addressed in order for a company to say that it complies with the QCA Code.

Last updated:
22 June 2015



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Last updated:
12 December 2016